Adam Micklethwaite

Director of Partnerships and Fundraising Good Things Foundation

Adam Micklethwaite is Director of Partnerships and Fundraising at Good Things Foundation, a digital inclusion charity operating in the UK and Australia.

Good Things Foundation is working to close the digital divide, partnering with global names like Google and J.P Morgan Chase, as well as Governments and businesses.

The Foundation works with thousands of community partners to reach people who have been left behind by technology, helping them build digital confidence and skills.

Covid-19 has brought the digital divide into even sharper relief, and in the UK Good Things Foundation is calling for a national plan to end digital exclusion through its #FixTheDigitalDivide campaign.

Before joining Good Things Foundation, Adam was a senior civil servant in the UK Government, where he launched the National Careers Service, established the first system of student loans in UK Further Education, and oversaw Spending Reviews for lifelong learning and skills.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, September 29

Inclusive service delivery, relational public services and better outcomes. PLUS an exclusive preview of the new Demos report
Tracey Lee Polly Mackenzie Adam Micklethwaite

Demos joins Capita on the stage to discuss the findings of the paper ‘FROM TRANSACTIONAL TO RELATIONAL PUBLIC SERVICES’ which comes in two halves. The first explains why action needs to be taken: why, after the pandemic, the pressure on our public services has reached a tipping point that means those more difficult decisions can no longer be deferred.


The second is a set of principles and frameworks for developing a more relational model of public service. These ideas will underpin a detailed programme of work throughout 2021 to explore, with the public and frontline professionals, how we might embed community development, human relationships, and social health at the heart of public service delivery.


Wednesday , September 29, 16:05 - 16:45
Julie Towers Toni Hall